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Most days you can find me in a t-shirt and jeans working at my home office (that's also my bedroom) sipping on a warm cup of Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea with my puppy, Mochi napping under my feet or tormenting the cats. I am a mom to two hilarious daughters, Haley & Shayna, I am a Christian life coach, a speaker, writer, photographer, an oversharer, and a lover of Jesus.

Hi there, I'm Amy Wadlington


The things I am most passionate about in life are my relationship with Jesus, raising my ceiling as high as it can go so that my daughters’ floor is so high that they’ll be able to soar in life, and helping others find the same freedoms I have found in life, health, and faith.

I love serving the world by sharing my story with others so that they know that they aren’t alone in their struggles, making people laugh, loving people unconditionally,meeting them right where they are, and showing them that God loves them and has plans for their future. 

I'm called to help Christian women breakthrough so that they can live their best lives in alignment with God's plans & purposes

Ciao Bella!

I am a work in progress. I have struggled with my health, having three auto immunities and Epstein Barr Virus, also my self-worth, and shame for many years. I have struggled with the same things most women struggle with today. I believe that to be healthy we really need to look at all aspects of health – physical, mental, and spiritual. “They” say that you are what you eat – and that isn’t just about the food we put in our mouths. It is also who we spend time with, where we work, our spiritual life, our job, what we read, …and so much more. This is why I am holistic life and a health coach – because until I got my life in order, my body wouldn’t heal…and until I started eating nourishing foods, I couldn’t get my life in order. They go hand in hand.
Do you want to know the secret to health? There is no magic pill or magic diet and it takes more than just changing the foods you eat, moving more, or the amount of food on your plate. (and thin does not equal healthy). The secret sauce is: co-collaboration with God. The Holy Spirit lives inside of you, your body is His temple so therefore -  He knows exactly what you need!  When you listen to His queues, give your mind and body the time and space to heal, He will begin to transform your mind first  - and your body will soon follow. After forty-nine years, I’ve finally gotten to a place of self-acceptance, and self-love, and most importantly, I have  accepted what God says about me; I am fearfully and wonderfully made. And so are you.

Your body is not the enemy. It is a highly intelligent creation you can trust to give you the feedback it needs to heal.

I believe that you are whole, perfect just the way you are & so very capable of great things

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