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I created the 6-Phase BUILD Method based off of the steps that the Lord took me through in my own personal journey of healing from the inside out. 

Each stage includes five modules that build upon one another for mind, body, and spiritual health


My Signature 6-Phase BUILD Method

1. The Foundation Stage - Are you building your house on stone, or building your house on sand? In this stage we learn about our identity, setting goals & intentions & journaling, life & health, foundations, blood sugar, inflammation & meal planning, and transforming our thinking

2. The Frame Stage - Jesus is the Cornerstone Who holds the frame together. In this stage we learn about essential nutrients, boundaries and triggers, stress, hormones & metabolism, and forgiveness

3. The Enclosure Stage - You are fearfully & wonderfully made...inside and out. In this phase, we dive deep into gut health, drainage pathways, toxins, supplements, minerals, and essential oils and we also learn about vows, agreements & lies we believe.

4. The Prefinishing Stage - Overcome the battle of the mind. In this phase we talk about body image & weight loss, food & your mood, overcoming emotional eating, taking captive your thoughts and how God sees you - you are wonderfully made.

5. The Practical Completion Stage - God completed His work which He had done, and He rested. In this phase we learn about sleep & rest, movement, self care, relationships and spiritual warfare

6. The Moving in Stage - Joy is our strength! We are encouraged to celebrate! In this phase we learn about joy, praise for transformation, creativity, the importance of celebration, and dreaming with God & visualizing for the future

This isn’t another restrictive program or diet that promises unrealistic expectations and more false hope. Get more energy, stop cravings, and still enjoy the foods you love. This group coaching course gives you the tools you need to understand where you are, and where you’re going, and get into alignment with God’s call and purposes for your life.

Most health coaching programs just tell you to eat less and exercise more but they don’t address the importance of building your faith at the same time you are building your health. Most also don't address the thoughts you’re having or the stories you’re telling yourself that are holding you back and keeping you from living your most vibrant life. So many people want to just lose enough weight so that they can fit back into their skinny jeans or just go back to enjoying their nightly ice cream without guilt. But this program will help you get to the root cause of why you keep turning to food or other unhealthy escapes for comfort instead of to God, our true Comforter.

God is calling you to something SO much bigger than just fitting into your favorite pair of jeans again.

It helps to give you a Godly perspective on health for your mind, body, and spirit.

It helps you to take your power back.

By the end of the program, you will have more energy, new sustainable habits, less frustration, less fatigue, and less inflammation, and you will feel more energetic, confident, radiant, and vibrant.

Each phase will build off of the other. Just like when you build a home, you have to have a solid foundation, a sturdy structure and follow a plan for lasting, and sustainable transformation before you can move in.

You will learn how to set and reach goals, how your thought life impacts your entire life, and how to get healthy holistically (mind, body & spirit in a very SIMPLE & DOABLE way so that you never feel overwhelmed or deprived all while staying in alignment with God's plans and purposes.

Getting healthy doesn't have to be so complicated!


Hybrid Group Coaching & Online Course


16 One-On-One Coaching Sessions


8 One-On-One  Coaching

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Boost in confidence to pursue your God-given purpose

Focused on immediate needs and challenges

Personalized guidance and support

1 one-on-one coaching session

These flexible, individual sessions are perfect for those who need occasional guidance and support. Each session is designed to address your immediate needs and challenges, helping you gain clarity and direction. You’ll receive personalized coaching tailored to your specific goals, empowering you to make meaningful progress.

A-La-Carte One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Option ONE

Empowerment to make meaningful progress

Individual Coaching

Two fifteen-minute power sessions to help keep you on track & ask questions

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Payment plans available


Two 15-minute power calls per month

Unlimited email and text messaging support

Goal setting and achievement strategies

8 one-on-one coaching sessions either weekly or bi-weekly (your choice)

Individual Coaching

The 8-session bundle offers a structured approach to your transformation journey. We will meet weekly or bi-weekly to set and achieve specific goals, ensuring consistent progress and accountability. This package includes unlimited email and text messaging support, as well as two 15-minute power calls per month to address any urgent needs.

8 One-On-One Coaching Sessions

Option TWO

Stronger accountability and support

Development of a resilient mindset to overcome challenges

Payment Plans available


Enhanced resilience and ability to overcome setbacks

Deep, lasting personal and spiritual transformation

Four 15-minute power calls per month

Unlimited email and text messaging

Intensive goal setting and achievement strategies

16 one-on-one coaching sessions

Individual Coaching

The 16-session bundle is designed for those committed to deep, lasting transformation. We will meet weekly, bi-weekly, or twice a week, depending on your preference, to dive deep into your personal growth and spiritual journey. This comprehensive package includes unlimited email and text messaging support, along with two 15-minute power calls per month, ensuring you have the guidance and support needed for profound change.

16 One-On-One Coaching Sessions


Profound sense of purpose and fulfillment in your God-given calling

These coaching sessions are ideal for those who are ready to break free from feeling stuck and embrace a Holy-Spirit-fueled transformation. The last thing I want to do is add to your overwhelm! I am all about simplicity and reducing your stress, not adding to it. Here are the next four steps you'll take once you decide you want to work with me...

What's Next?


Once you decide which package you want and your payment plan, I will send you an agreement for both of us to sign. 

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Step Two

Whether you decide to pay in full or make payments, once you make your first payment, then you can schedule all of your calls. I recommend scheduling them all up front to help you with accountability.

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Step Three

As your coach, I am here to support you every step of the way. I believe you have everything you need to succeed already within you - I am here to help you find it along with help from the Holy Spirit. 

Don't worry

Step Four

My Clients Are Raving About Me



I'm currently in another program that isn't faith based. I know God is the missing piece in this other program.

"I love that you include God in your program - game changing!"


I haven't noticed the afternoon dragging on either!

"WOW! After 2 weeks I've had less sugar cravings & better appetite control!"


She is very knowledgable about health, inside and out, and takes every opportunity to help women with their health and healing!”

"Amy has been a huge blessing in my life!"

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