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Embrace Your God-Given Calling and Find Balance and Fulfillment – Even If You're Feeling Overwhelmed, Stuck, and Unsure of Your Next Steps

The Breakthrough Blueprint

The Breakthrough Blueprint, a comprehensive coaching framework designed to help you break free from feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and uncertain about your next steps. This program will guide you to a life of clarity, peace, and purpose, aligning with your God-given calling,  and helping you live the life you've dreamed of.

Experience a profound transformation that touches every aspect of your life:

Deepened Relationship with God: Feel His presence more profoundly in your daily life.
Clear Purpose and Calling: Gain clarity about your God-given purpose and how to use your gifts.
Positive Mindset and Emotional Resilience: Overcome negative self-talk and manage stress effectively.
Improved Physical Health: Establish healthy habits and experience stable energy levels.
Enhanced Presence and Focus: Be fully present in the moment and improve your focus on tasks and conversations.

God is calling you to something SO much bigger & He has plans for you

By the end of the program, you will unlock the clarity, peace, and empowerment you need to live a fulfilling and impactful life with "The Breakthrough Blueprint."

You will learn how to set and reach goals, how your thought life impacts your entire life, and how to get healthy holistically (mind, body & spirit in a very SIMPLE & DOABLE way so that you never feel overwhelmed or deprived all while staying in alignment with God's plans and purposes.

Breakthrough to Your Calling

Hello, I'm Amy

In January of 2024, I got mad. From a place of frustration (not faith) I "prayed" and asked God, "what the heck? - why isn't this working? You called me to this! What am I doing wrong?" His response? He asked me to put my business on the alter and surrender it all to Him. Talk about a punch in the gut. Was He asking me to give up everything I had worked so hard for the past four years?!! WHY would He lead me here just to give it all up? Read more...

Let me help you break through blocks and realize your true potential

It doesn't have to be that way!

Are you losing hope?

Boost in confidence to pursue your God-given purpose

Intentional action plan with accountability

Personalized guidance and support

One-on-one coaching sessions

Get the direction you need to courageously move forward with intentionality. Our one-on-one coaching offers meaningful, evidence-based support that combines insight and action, helping you create real and lasting transformation in all areas of your life, including relationships, career, personal growth, and spiritual growth.

Using the Breakthrough Blueprint framework, I will guide you through a structured journey of intentional action. Whether you prefer weekly or bi-weekly sessions, we will work together to set and achieve specific goals, ensuring consistent progress and accountability. Choose from our flexible packages tailored to meet your unique needs.

Personalized Coaching and Support

With two 15-minute power calls per month, you’ll have the opportunity to address urgent needs and gain clarity and direction when you need it most. Our personalized coaching is tailored to your specific goals, empowering you to turn your big, God-given dreams into everyday wins.

Discover the power of combining insight with action and step into the life you’ve always desired with our one-on-one coaching. Let's embark on this journey together and witness the transformation God has in store for you.

Move Forward Fearlessly with One-on-One Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Empowerment to make meaningful progress

Individual Coaching

Two fifteen-minute power sessions to help keep you on track & ask questions each month

Packages include one, eight or Sixteen Sessions. Payment PLans Available

Calls will be on Zoom or phone

These coaching sessions are ideal for those who are ready to break free from feeling stuck and embrace a Holy-Spirit-fueled transformation. The last thing I want to do is add to your overwhelm! I am all about simplicity and reducing your stress, not adding to it. Here are the next four steps you'll take once you decide you want to work with me...

What's Next?


Once you decide which package you want and your payment plan, I will send you an agreement for both of us to sign. 

complete the agreement

Step Two

Whether you decide to pay in full or make payments, once you make your first payment, then you can schedule all of your calls. I recommend scheduling them all up front to help you with accountability.

Pay first invoice

Step Three

As your coach, I am here to support you every step of the way. I believe you have everything you need to succeed already within you - I am here to help you find it along with help from the Holy Spirit. 

Don't worry

Step Four

What My Clients Are Saying

Client Testimonials


I'm currently in another program that isn't faith based. I know God is the missing piece in this other program.

"I love that you include God in your program - game changing!"


I haven't noticed the afternoon dragging on either!

"WOW! After 2 weeks I've had less sugar cravings & better appetite control!"


She is very knowledgable about health, inside and out, and takes every opportunity to help women with their health and healing!”

"Amy has been a huge blessing in my life!"

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