I LOVE Easter Sunday. When I was a little girl I loved it because it meant going to see my grandma & playing with my cousins. Easter was my Grandma Choo-choo’s favorite holiday. (My cousins and I all called her Grandma Choo-choo because my grandpa was a train engineer.) I think secretly every holiday was her favorite because she just loved being around her family & her love language was cooking a huge delicious meal for all of us to enjoy together. Whether it really was her favorite or not, it’s still always a day that I will always cherish because it brings back so many fond memories of her & memories of hunting eggs, hiking the mountain behind her house, & getting into mischief with my cousins.

I also cherish this day because it’s the perfect symbol of hope.

It’s the day that Christ resurrected from the dead. He came back to bring life, love, & freedom to each one of us.

The hope that comes with that means that He’s not just the resurrected, but also the resurrector. He takes what has died & makes things new again, breathing life right back into what we thought was gone.

A promise of hope. A promise of life.

If there’s something that you’ve lost hope on, perhaps your marriage, your weight loss journey, a child who has gone down the wrong path, a relationship, your finances or job situation…whatever it is, because of Jesus there is a hope that life can be breathed back into it. Even if you feel like there is no hope.

The disciples felt the same way before Jesus resurrected. Hopeless and lost. I think there are so many of us living stuck in that space…. between Friday and Sunday. But my friend, It’s Sunday!! There is a new hope!

Since the time I was a little girl hunting for eggs in my grandma’s yard with all of my cousins, so much has changed. Yes, there has been loss & not every prayer has been answered yet. Often times the answers I’ve gotten aren’t what I expected but they’ve always been good.

So on this beautiful Easter Sunday, I pray that that feeling of hopelessness that you’re feeling is filled with His love & if it’s His will, that whatever it is that you’ve lost hope on will be resurrected.

Happy Easter, my friend.

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