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Yes and Amen

Have you ever watched an eagle soar? They spread out their wings and allow the winds to carry them. There’s very little effort on their part, the wind does all the work. They actually prefer to migrate during the day because they know the winds are stronger and they’ll be carried farther and closer to their destination. They can sense when a storm is coming… when the time is right, they stretch out their wings, lock them in place ..and wait. When the storm comes, the wind grabs hold of their wings and lifts them up and over the storm, and carries them. There’s no need for them to flap frantically, hide in a tree, or fear for their life because they were made to soar. It’s truly fascinating to watch.

Recognizing Deprivation

During this season that will long remain in our memories as the season of the
pandemic—the masks—the restrictions—those lost to covid, I have become increasingly aware
of a vague dissatisfaction in almost everyone with whom I have talked. This vague
dissatisfaction goes beyond all the explainable reasons, and seems to come into focus best when
described as a deep sense of being deprived.

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